How to write an outline for an essay

How to write an outline for an essay

Writing an outline for an essay is it quite a good way of planning an essay. Without an essay plan, your essay is likely to be uncoordinated and have a poor flow. Ideally an essay should be concise and have a very good flow so that the reader can move seamlessly from one point to another without any form of confusion. Here is how to write an essay outline.

First you should outline your introduction

Within your introduction you’re going to want something that will grab the attention of the readers. So maybe you should add a pointer on your outline to say that you need some form of attention grabbing mechanism. After getting the user’s attention, you need to explain to them exactly what you essay is about. This is why the thesis statement is often put after the attention grabbing first line. It is up to you how long you make your thesis statements, but it is a good idea to keep the thesis statement within the introduction itself.

Next comes the body of your essay

How you outline the body of your essay is really up to you. However, you need to find a way of gathering points and evidence so that you can prove or disprove your thesis statement within the conclusion. One way you may do this for example, is to present a certain sort of statement and then back it up with some sort of evidence. The evidence can be quotes, or references which you place at the very bottom of the essay within your reference lists. However, sometimes simply presenting logical arguments may be enough to prove your points to somebody.

The conclusion of your essay

One of your conclusion points should be to reiterate your thesis statement so that you can show the reader how your thesis statement has progressed from the beginning of the essay to the very end of the essay. You can you use the points in the body of your essay to prove or disprove your thesis statement. It is a good idea to add some sort of link from your body to your conclusion within the outline of your essay.

Other things to take note of when creating your outline

Sometimes your outline is little bit like a buffet, in that there is nothing stopping you from looking at other outlines and picking and choosing the things that you think would suit your essay. You should also remember that your essays are going to need some sort of reference list and some sort of bibliography. You may have to choose a standardized format to do that.